Thoughts on improving my wall sculpture designs… Seriously considering getting some fiber optic cable & one of these LED illuminators…I started by thinking that maybe if I used transparent nylon thread, like fishing line, when I weave onto my metal armatures, that the bare armature design would show through, because the structure itself is kind of beautiful to see…So, yes, I could use fishing line…But then I remembered how cool fiber optic cable is…I used fiber optic cable for the whiskers on my raccoon sculpture…But I didn’t really use it as it is supposed to be used…If you attach this cable to an LED illuminator, then the ends of the cable transmit light…Theoretically I could somehow have the LED illuminator inside the sculpture, with the cables sticking out in places & giving off light…This has to be figured out before I move forward… Ooh, here is an Ebay listing for 75 feet of 1 mm fiber optic cable that I could play with…

***A quick note about these weird ads that started popping up on this WordPress blog…read this link- Ok, I was getting ads at the top of the blog from CouponDropdown…The way to get rid of them is to go to your browser, Safari in my case, go to Extensions(or Tools), & disable all the extensions listed…Bam that solved the problem! So it wasn’t a WordPress thing it was a computer thing…Deceptive…


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