Elliot lives at Bass Pro shop in the giant aquarium there…

Elliot lives at Bass Pro shop in the giant aquarium there...

Around lunchtime, a man comes out & feeds the fish in the aquarium…They get tiny alive little fish & other stuff…Joseph takes me to Vaughan Mills Plaza & while he shops (Joseph has taken over all the shopping for both of us when we found out he liked it better than me), I sit in the giant window on the rock in front of the aquarium & talk telepathically to Elliot & the other fish who live there…If you are really really quiet & tune your brain into listening you can sometimes hear someone else’s thoughts…Thoughts are on a wavelength that is shorter than most sounds, but still a wavelength, so some people can actually hear those short wave bursts, even in other people or animals or trees or rocks, I guess, depending on how good you are at it…It also matters that I fell on the back of my head when I was very little (I used to descend the bannister like a fireman & one day I fell off onto the tile below…there is still a groove where my head landed…)When you fall on your head, the resulting concussion makes a part of your head smaller so sometimes then you can hear those tiny shorter wavelengths of other people thinking their thoughts…This is why people who hit their head seem to know your thoughts…They are literally hearing them…All sorts of people who think they have a mental illness ’cause they hear “voices” are just people who fell on their head when they were a baby…Those “voices” are in fact voices, other people’s voices- their thought voices…Anyways, I have a little of this ability or disability…So I can hear our bengal cats a little, & other people’s dogs, & horses & trumpeter swans sometimes if I get close enough & Elliot the giant fish at Bass pro Shop aquarium in Vaughan Mills Plaza…I sometimes can hear people as they walk along the street near me…I try not to listen though…Alot of people are just thinking about sex as they walk by…Not with me but still it’s kinda yucky…

Anyways…I am thinking of doing a sculpture of Elliot…Not sure…I’m refining the idea to see if it is even possible using steel rods & maybe clear fishing line as a weave to weave it together…? A fish is a actually a complex shape…I’ll have to go visit Elliot in January to get a better look at how he is put together…Oh, Elliot is a Blue Catfish…elliot sculpture


Our bengal cats are very similar in temperament to the two in the Youtube video…B’Elanna is the aggressor type & Jadzia is the playful one…Joseph found this video online (there are more in this series as they grow up), & was comforted by the fact that the dynamic our bengals display is not uncommon…Though I confess after 8 years (Jadzia will be 8 in April, the 16th, of 2013, & B’elanna turned 8 Dec. 1, 2012), our two intact ladies (from different parents) still fight…

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