What art genre is okay with God?


(starting a new work, above)…
((photo caption: the soft perfume homemade in the dish is made of lemongrass essential oil, solid coconut oil, shea butter, & wax smiles…4 parts wax, to 3 parts solid coconut oil, to 2 parts shea butter, to 1 part essential oil…I was making this for myself & of course, made too much, so I had plenty of leftovers…What I discovered is that this solid perfume balm “heals” my homemade marble…If you smush it on the finished piece it makes it smoother & happier & less crackly & shinier & nicer…I feel that the aluminum component in the wax is great for repairing cracks in the marble(Aragonite sand is marble sand) which is calcium carbonate based…The oil lubricates…The shea butter moisturizes…The essential oil cleanses, especially lemongrass…It also makes the sculpture smell nicer…The red inside the cracked index finger is Cinnabar, also known as Mercury, which raises bilirubin levels in the gallbladder, thus repairing cartilage damage…Cinnabar is medicine & can be painted onto things topically…I painted it on the crack to fix the crack…Cinnabar is like cartilage…Oh, I forgot…I also added a spot of vanilla absolute to the solid perfume balm…That is a smushy black gooey stuff that is very expensive & comes in a teeny bottle…Althea’s Cupboard (http://stores.ebay.com/Altheas-Cupboard )will make solid perfume balm for you & it totally can ship across the border to Canada from the States because it is not a liquid & not alcohol based & it smells nice…p.s. I think it’s the zinc in the lemongrass essential oil that kills the lead which is gumming up a thyroid filled with lead graphite pencil dust & causing your toenails to be gummed up with ugly…(sculpture is now on top of the refrigerator)(refrigerator)(yes I said REFRIGERATOR)…))

Word, Letter, Line:

If Jesus is the Word…(The Word being a group of letters, a letter being an animal shape, a rabbit for example, the formation of a letter is made by several lines each maybe representing the movement of a rabbit in space, the single line being just the first impression or existence of one rabbit or maybe just one soul as a single line…)

Then the Holy Ghost might be the Letter…(The Letter…As many know, a letter is a symbol, a reduction of a shape to its most essential information, the letter A looks like an apple perhaps, reduced to its core…)

& God the father might be the Line…(The Line…The Line is one thing…A blade of grass is one blade of grass…A Line perhaps…)

So…If Jesus is the Word then let us look at the Word…A word is made up of letters…A letter is one formed idea representing one congruent thing like a rabbit…A line is a one aspect thing, more like a blade of grass…A closer look at a blade of grass…More like abstract art in that it does close-ups that may be hard to recognize the field for looking at the blade so closely…

So when you take many many blades of grass, lines, then you get a letter, let’s say the letter A is an apple which represents the association of many blades of grass living together in one fruit…So many lines make a letter…Now take many apples/letters & put them together, into one form, & maybe you get a rabbit, a word…

The word rabbit is made up of many letters, let’s say fruit, let’s say apples…Each apple within that rabbit is made up of many lines…

Let’s start again…

One apple has many lines or blades of grass in it…

Many apples makes a rabbit…

One line is a blade of grass…The Father

Many lines is an apple, a letter…The Holy Spirit

Many apples is a rabbit, a word…Jesus

Now…How does God feel about art genres or styles today? Well, that is a trick question…God is a three part word…3 letters…

Which third of God are you speaking to…Or more correctly, which God of the three are you asking about art?

God the Father likes the line…Abstract art…One blade of grass…style

God the Holy Ghost, also known as the Holy Spirit (possibly the Mother Nature), likes the letter…-

-The apple…One specific object, a fruit…A simple work of art that depicts one thing like an apple…Still Life art

God the Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah likes the word…-

-Many lines becoming an apple, which becomes many apples, which becomes a rabbit…Now a rabbit has motion, so it moves through space which requires perspective & distance & the passage of time maybe…Alex Colville has a running poodle painting which shows the dog running through a field of grass at speed, with perspective on the field as it has chalk marks to delineate a sport ‘cage'(by cage I mean the chalk lines that somehow keep athletes in a locked space despite a lack of good fencing ) …So art that moves…Kinetic art…Art with momentum…Energy…Modern art

So what art style pleases God? Well, tread carefully because which aspect or part or third or character of God are you trying to please?

Being Authentic is not the point of art nor being an artist by proxy:

If art is artifice, then artists are artificial…if artists are supposed to be artificial, then the fraudulent artist is the one who is real…

Authenticity is a contradiction in art, unless you are being authentically fraudulent?

I mean to say that truth in art is not what we are looking for…What we seek when we seek art is something that is not real…

What is “real” so to speak is the Hand of God…usually…(The Hand might be the Father God)

Some say Mother Nature…(the Holy Ghost might be affiliated with Mother Nature)…

When one says “God is in the details…”

(That might be Jesus God, who detailed some improvements to Old Testament Holy Bible Law)…


The Purdue Boilermakers

The Indiana Hoosiers

Rehash: (recap)

If The Trumpeter swans & other waterbirds at Bluffer’s Park would like to rest or sit on the beach, unmolested by dogs or people or children (yes, children are not people…they are children, apparently a different species in my mind…), then perhaps chalk lines, like they draw on football fields would be sufficient boundary to delineate beach area just for nesting…This would be a drawn cage for the waterbirds, like a sport field for athletes, & passerby would know, like on any field of sport, to stay off & be forewarned…

If all people & dogs & children were taught of these chalk lines, then they would keep their people & dogs & children all on leashes when walking by the beaches where waterbirds might be…


Activated Charcoal Bi Bismuth: antidote for GHB rape drug Fluoride concentrate poisoning Fl person dizzy falling over unsteady bad dart player cheating at darts topless…

Feliway cat saliva from Entirely pets.com : antidote for tow bengal lady cats fighting

Copper colloidal in suspension is like cocaine chat(chatte the Somali copper reed as in British nest for swans reeds): antidote for Parkinson’s disease blue mold Ph Phosphorus in spleen that has affected brain functions or vice versa like nose job has affected spleen function- hit to the chest deflects to left side OR falls on the nose breaks a tooth & forgets nose is broken=Spleen is connected to the NOSE brain globus palladus (a pallidotomy is a nose job meaning they make your nose SMALLER not bigger!)

To reverse a nose job (too small nose): inject or eat Cinnabar Zhu Sha powder, 1 knife edge cinnabar mercury bile raiser, 2 to 3 cups cold water in pot, boil for 30 minutes, drink…Cost 5 dollars a handful…Buy 4 at a time…In a sealed baggie…The Herb Depot Spadina…Dr. Donna Tang…Don’t bring water…(for tea, she has water!)…

Green bullets now available at Target! Make sure they are made of Bismuth which is CHARCOAL not lead which removes your toenails if you eat it! Eco-friendly pellet shot is now mandatory for all ornithologists & cornithologists & anthropologists…

Sculptiste, I mean sculptsite.com has run out of money please send them some for me…sari


Ima tesselating percussive reductionist


Grandma Moses

Cream (the musical band)(not the milk)

Current influences…River runs through it, fishing expedition_- Brad Pitt?


ambidextrous monkey Ikea mexico , been left handed since Mexico 1972, Leafs 1967 won the Stanley Cup, born in ????

Cancer calcium same word right? <>


<  >

Copper gangerne gangreen: signs of gangreen phosphorus overdose (turquoize turks & caicos); algae

Kidney Right or Kidney left: ?: ?: In Spanish: sepsisis sepsis gangrunblueish tone kidney carbon oil: signs of sepsis sepsis Sepsis , kidney stone, stones…Need oil carbon olive canola/corn, Safflower/sunflower- mercalado, derecha, o puede mercalado, mercoles Wednesday

‘s homewaork

LIver: aspergillus water hy hydrogen liver inc involvement

Pancreas: Arame s the cure for cancer Arame (seaweed with lots a iodine i it Greek Arame) Calcium milk progesterone overdose


thumb index-WM new Note: ZINC /  Life brand Vitamin D3 Drops 1000 IU /UI are an “effective” antidote to lead/ plomb bullets &/or lead pellets or lead “shot”… A potato may contain good ‘lead’…Lead paint may be leaded merely due to lead dust exposure, due to side of the road dust scatter from cars driving by…(what I mean by effective is that I know lead or lithium or olanzapine zyprexa for example, traditional lead based remedies, can be reversed (recidivism, relapse, retreated as in retreeted , possibly retweeted but also ,could be rejected?)…meaning that a lead pellet theoretically should be able to be removed easilier, easier, by using Life brand D3 drops around the pellet or wound or in fact directly on the pellet, if it so be lead…Hint: Green pellets made of Bismuth (charcoal) Bi, are now available in the U.S. apparently…These can be removed using Fluorine Fl, which is easier to source since it is in many water supplies already & at your local dental hygienist’s desk…Hygiene…(Note the difference between coal & charcoal is in reference: coal might be referring to the Carbon Oil part of the coal wood that is pre-burnt, whilst Charcoal may be referring more to the CHARRED part or burnt offering part or burnt part…It is a case of inflection & abbreviation WITH cause…)

(This paragraph is in question:)
Thyroid…More about Zinc: Olanzapine Zyprexa which is a Lithium based lead ‘plomb’ implying bone building implying Osteoporosis fighting supposedly drug pharmacautical doctor endorsed (Clarke Institute Dr. Persad), also contains Zinc which may cause Tardive Dyskinesia, Muscular Dystrophy, Agent Orange “Syndrome”…or general ‘twitchiness’…(The Vitamin D3 drops seem to contain magnesium which can cause excessive laxation of poop with cognizant loss of cartilage & resultant arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis & /or polio or meningitits or arachnoiditis or rupture of cartilagenous knee joint hip joint finger joint or spinal cord joint cord…ie: cord of spinal cord is laid down before bone as cartilagenous structure then bone forms around that infrastructure.)..
(this paragraph is in question)

(Okay I am going to correct the paragraph in question now: THIS IS A CORRECTION NOW…)
Ok, first of all…Lead, lithium, gabapentin, olanzapine zyprexa, potato dirt, bones all contain plomb lead an element essential to bone growth structure & the thyroid gland…Zinc is its opposite also in the thyroid gland…Too much zinc causes eradication of BONE…Too much lead causes inflexibility of bone, stiffness, lack of movement, multiple sclerosis, sclerotic-ness in general, slowness, heaviness of bone, heaviness…Tardive Dyskenisia, a side effect from excess bone builders, excess Gabapentin, excess LEAD, is actually slow forming Multiple Sclerosis…Caused by LEAD excess not Zinc…This is why that paragraph above is WRONG (in question)…
Also…Vitamin D3 drops ENHANCE MAGNESIUM & TITANIUM, they do NOT necessarily CONTAIN Magnesium & Titanium…Although jamieson tells me they stick magnesium stearate in all their pills as a PILL LUBRICANT, so they don’t stick together…If you have polio or rheumatoid arthritis BEWARE-magnesium stearate is DANGEROUS to you-also Magnesium (not manganese which is a totally different thing & is found in peanuts), um, magnesium is a total laxative for the gallbladder…(It is how you remove gallstones-magnesium is…) (too much magnesium & you destroy all your bile, your cartilage, your joints, knees, elbows, hips, neck, JAW, it’s like inducing Polio or spinal meningitis-so don’t overdo it…How do you know you took too much Magnesium? You get jaw pain/dental pain…Took me only 3 days of Magnesium to feel jaw pain, that is how little you need to supplement with…Oh by the way; If you don’t feel jaw pain but are taking magnesium pills or taking pills that have accidental magnesium stearate in them as a pill lubricant which is most, it may be because you are smoking cigarettes & the zinc in the cigarettes (like agent orange) is destroying the bone in your face so you don’t feel pain correctly…or you are an alcoholic & the Titanium in the alcohol makes you forget the pain correlation, or you are just too stupid to know that you are overdosing on magnesium stearate laxatives because you feel like poohing is a job…(What I mean to say is that some people are so bored that the act of poohing makes them feel like they are working…)Oh also people get addicted to laxatives…Magnesia of Milk, milk of magnesia, big addict-er…
(Okay end of correction of that paragraph in question)End of Correction (plus rant)(sorry about the word stupid btw, it’s Sunday please forgive me)…

Note2: Carbon C (not to be confused with calcium Ca) “soot” exposure may increase Carbon charcoal oil residue in kidneys, which can lead to Down’s Syndrome or can also lead (lead as in leed) to cleared out healthier kidneys, depending on carbon to nitrogen ratios…(Nitrogen or green chlorophyll=like things like Barley Grass Powder or green tea leaves, leafs, being the antidote to carbon oil heavy Down’s Syndrome or Mongolian-like features- if one doesn’t like that style by the way btw)…Bats may look Mongolian in Mexico…Not all…kidneys…

Joke: Two bats were out hunting for food…One decides to go home…The other stays out…Much later the other returns with blood on his face…The one who went home early says: “You got food & didn’t share with me? Waah!”…The one who stayed out later says: “Do you remember seeing that wall that was just in front of us before you left?”…The first bat says yes…”Well, I didn’t!”…says the second bat…Assumptions…

Epilepsy caused by propofyl(sp?) or fluoride or fluorine or GHB or ‘sweets’ from lebanon or anaesthetics or paralytics or Crohn’s disease or excessive diarrhea or barfiness due to fluoride in tap water supply due to Rosedale Dental Clinic overusing fluoride orange tooth cleaner syrup, can be assuaged by ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPSULES…Charcoal is also known as Bismuth Bi on the Periodic Table of the Elements…Colon or Bowel or Intestines

Cooked the homemade marble sculpture one more time 300 degrees fahrenheit for 25 minutes…The CaCH sculpture on the ZnPl<Fe>CuAl armature…Note: My Zeolite soft magnesium Mg rock got glass thin when exposed to the armature of the thumb & index finger under the tv set area, indicating:

Sorry this thought is in question)
mercury is hot(this is outright wrong), if mercury Hg is the antidote to Mg, which I know it is…(this thought is in question)

Correction: What I mean to say is that the heat of the tv set made my Zeolite rock turn more like to glass…Which means that heat degrades things like Zeolite rocks…Which means that people who are magnesium rich, need to be careful about hot weather…people with polio or spinal meningitis or joint replacements, or athletes with cartilage damage, need to be kept colder…Coldness is a feature of mercury, or bile, or cartilage builders, or snow, or ice…Hotness is a feature of magnesium, or epsom salts, or dolomite rocks, or zeolite rocks…(End of correction of thought)…

Hg is also good as a back remedy for those who have Mg magnesium, exercised too much…In the form of a parad mala, silver with mercury, beads, be aware that silver is an antibiotic too, lowers blood sugar, so be careful…Gallbladder

Silver is related to Se Selenium, as are antibiotics, or garlic…Pancreas

Diabetes or Su or Sulfur is related to sugar or soap…These Raise blood Sugar or sulfur…Pancreas

The Calabar bean or cocoa or cacao bean contains Al Aluminum good for replenishing a pothead’s memory bank…(titanium overdose or aspirin heavy causes memory loss in large doses or small doses over a long long time)…

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  1. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve keep in mind your stuff prior to and you’re just too wonderful.
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  2. Hi Stop Smoking! I edited a few wrong things, one paragraph & one phrase…There are still a few typos, but it should read better now…Thanks for pointing it out, I mean, I wouldn’t have checked the post if you hadn’t commented with a compliment! Nice supporting me! Cannot do this without support!

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