wolverine 1wolverine 1

Moss: I am applying artificial moss to the wolverine…Sticking it into the cracks of the homemade marble…I wear a respirator because I am working with glue…The moss drops onto the floor as I work…The glue drips…I wonder at the ridiculousness of this task…What am I doing here? Why have I decided that this sculpture must have moss & grass growing from its cracks? Detail work…Detail work is usually the hardest work…I have never done this before, which is why I am wondering about it…Like there is going to be a huge demand for sculptures of wolverines sprouting moss & grass…As I get older, & more experienced as an artist it seems I am also becoming more ridiculous…Like ridiculousness is the mark of a seasoned pro…

Saturday Jan.26th, 2013: wolverine autumnstill adding moss…

side raccoonMonday January 28th, 2013: More moss…Today I tried to clean up my work area a bit…So I lifted up a jar to move it & the lid wasn’t on tight & the contents, real gold powder, went scattering all over the floor…What is it about Mondays? It seems whenever I make mistakes it’s on a Monday…

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