“A Spare Hand” …work in progress…

spare hand project 1

The Spare Hand project:(continued from http://grovecanadagrove.blogspot.ca/2013/02/joseph-brought-me-breakfast-from-whole.html )

*been thinking that once the spare hand has been dipped in Plasti-Dip to secure all the bolts & copper better, that it will go inside a glove…After the magnets get screwed on though, which they are not as of yet…Magnets will go on tips of “fingers” so that someone could carry something like a bag with handles or a dog leash with looped handle, when the magnets are touching…The magnets I am using will carry up to 2o lbs of weight when together…Magnets can be separated by a manual process when engaging the handle of a bag before carrying…


The copper strip at the top of the picture is just so I can hold that end while dipping the whole bottom part in black Plasti-Dip a liquid rubber compound that hardens but remains malleable…I am not dipping above the end of the clear tube, to leave the screws exposed, so that when the neodymium magnets arrive, I can just screw them on, without having any rubber dip in the way…


Above, I put a piece of copper wire through the copper strip at the top, so that after dipping the SparyCary ( a temporary name for now, indicating a prosthetic device to help people to carry things, like a spare hand…In particular for people missing a hand…) So, after dipping in the Plasti-Dip, I will suspend the SparyCary in the box to drip off if it is drippy, dangling from the pen which is stuck through the box tops…Note: Blow drying the Plasti-Dip after dipping speeds up the drying process & makes it less messy, faster…

Monday afternoon…Feb. 11, 2013: 2:31 pm: I poured the black Plasti-Dip into the clear tubes to coat the screws & bolts & copper strapping with goo…It is in a separate place, so we are not breathing in the rubber fume as it dries…Notice the top of the screws are left exposed for the neodymium magnets, a donut shape, to be screwed on soon… DSC03549

Aragonite Sand is what I use when a recipe calls for marble sand…Aragonite is in fact a species of marble…calcium carbonate…But available at pet stores in the aquarium section…I use natural, but you can get it in white or other colours like black(please don’t tell me that black is not a colour, I know, I know, sigh) or blue or pink or green…I am not using this for the spare hand, but it was nearby, so I took a picture, in case you were wondering from previous posts what Aragonite sand is…


A little bit crowded…I don’t have much space to work with, so you’ll notice the raccoon (in my homemade marble recipe), behind the cardboard box with the spare hand project, suspended from a pen, dangling with the weight of the Plasti-Dip…The raccon isn’t quite finished, but it needs to rest a bit & cure, so while that happens I am doing other things…With marble or cement projects, a good long cure saves alot of grief…


So as I was putting these two cans of Circa 1850 marine resin (powdered very strong waterproof glue), I decided to take a macro photo…This is what I mix with the Aragonite sand to make my marble…(I also add alkaline resistant glass fibres in 3/4 inch length…) I order this special order from Canadian Lumber centre at Dupont & Shaw…It’s also a harder to find thing so I thought a picture might help a bit…It is really strong…(I used it also to make sure the moss & grass were well attached…They are now!)


Gotta now wait awhile for the Spare Hand to cure dry…Next I put on the neodymium magnets…Then the whole kit goes inside a glove…

Be careful about swearing on your blog: (Why I built a newer website on Wix.com) A letter in answer to Weebly, as to why my site there has been slow…

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The horse painting is oil with cold wax painted with a knife onto linen, the horse refers to Barbaro…Barbaro the horse, painting  sold 2007

This painting is one of Joseph’s very early works…Titled “Autumn” it is a 3 foot by 4 foot vertical, the copyright notice is not the year it was painted, I just threw that on as a watermark in 2007…It’s an oil on canvas…Autumn by Joseph Grove 4ftby3ftby2inches ©1997 varnished twice in 2007 damar

This black & white photograph of a bee with two flowers was an early exploration with my first digital camera…Lord, how I found those times exciting…the head is burrowing in the flower for FOOD

I have been using The DIVA CUP for maybe 5 years now…It is a cup that costs between 30 & 45 dollars, but you use it & wash it out & reuse it for years to come…It goes in in the morning & all day long it collects your period…At the end of the day you dump out the cup, wash it out & if you want to, put it back in to sleep or not depending if you like to take breaks or not…It doesn’t leak, unless you lay down horizontally to sleep & then maybe the liquid inside gets tippy…But it has saved my work schedule & my summer outings & well it is amazing & all women should have access to a DIVA CUP…No more tampons or pads or embarrassment or fear of staining, or not going to the mall cause you hate using bathrooms to change a tampon after you pee…Yes with the DIVA CUP you can pee or pooh & not have to take it out or anything! Anyways…It’s good…Sorry this was gross for some people…But hey, women bleed! Some men probably too…www.divacup.com


The photo above was taken by my mother…of her partner…Notice the Salvador Dali bench & clock…My mum sent me a card once of someone eating a bowl of cereal with a dripping droopy clock like the one above dripping from their spoon…The caption read: “Salvador Dali eating a bowl of surreal”…I loved that card…I put the grape sculpture (mine) over the face of my mum’s friend because he didn’t look too good that day…Magritte is an artist who put a green apple in front of  a man’s face on a painting…Maybe Magritte’s friend didn’t look too good that day either…

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/children_shealth/9794396/Neon-Roberts-radiotherapy-begins-for-cancer-boy-in-legal-dispute.html (brain tumours & medicine from other cultures)…

In the movie The Blue Butterfly, the native medicine men, use the local iodine plant loving blue butterfly’s powder,  & pierce/touch the meniscus of the boy’s lingering brain tumour externally,  using a long wooden pointed spear to the visible lump at the back of his head…Conventional medicine was not able to complete what they had begun, though treatment had already happened…Alternative medicines can be used after conventional treatments have either failed or succeeded or done nothing, as follow-up therapy…



Because I’d rather be married to Ernie & Bert than be married to Ernie & Dirt! (in response to my husband that he’ll look like Ernie & Bert if he wears a high visibility hat)…

Ok, Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013 at 12:06 pm…(lunchtime) I got the spare hand & blow dried it a bit to make it more dry…here is what it looks like with the poured rubber on top of everything & in the nooks & crannies…Neat eh?

DSC03554 DSC03555A spare hand


A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. Henry Ford

http://www.kjmagnetics.com/rubbercoat.asp Here is an instructional from KJ Magnetics on how you can dip your neodymium magnets into Plasti-Dip (rubber coat them)…This may be my next step, after I screw the magnets onto the spare hand screws…

photo-1 photoDSC03556


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whose loved ones have died due to corrupt bylaw density amendment approvals, as well as

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developments in the city could ever be considered legal?

  • About Osteoporosis prevention drugs & why they are so dangerous:
  • Hi, I came here from the Art Biz Incubator…My name is Sari Grove…Many women in the past 10 years have been getting knee & hip replacements…What some don’t know is that the osteoporosis prevention drugs that they were taking actually Caused the cartilage degeneration…I thought I’d mention this because so many women don’t know about the Class Action lawsuits in Canada, the U.S., & elsewhere concerning Actonel, Boniva, Fosamax & other osteo prevention drugs in that category…There has also been a spate of vitamin supplements that also contain the ingredient that is causing the problems…In fact, it is magnesium, a relatively harmless laxative or absorption helper in small doses, but degrades cartilage in larger doses or extended periods of time…Our neighbour has had a knee replacement & now a hip replacement, because she was taking Actonel for 7 years, & no one told her that that was the cause of her joint problems…Anyways, if this is not related at all, at least I told you…I’d feel remiss if I didn’t…If you do know women(or men) who are still taking these drugs, tell them…The side effects are also musculoskeletal pain, jaw pain, & weird fractures like thigh fractures…Check your vitamins for magnesium stearate at the bottom- same stuff…People get addicted to the laxative effect without realizing that their are losing vital nutrients- end stage big problems…The antidote is actually to raise bilirubin levels, which rebuilds cartilage & replenishes the gallbladder…It is unusual to have to raise bilirubin levels, so go online & look at all the things to avoid to lower bilirubin levels, then do the OPPOSITE…Yes, eat salty food, fatty food, & all the stuff that is bad for you…That helps to rebuild cartilage…Athletes have too much magnesium from exercising so much- personality type of hypermagnesemia is mean, rude, intolerant, independent, anti-social- you can drive family members away…
  • More about Boniva & other drugs in that category:
  • I should mention…The Class Action lawsuits about Boniva are piling up…It causes musculoskeletal pain, jaw necrosis, degradation of all cartilage including knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, spine, requiring replacements of those joints, & femur fractures as well as other atypical bone fractures…It is a really dangerous drug…All that class of osteoporosis drugs under different names in different countries have caused women (& some men) inextricable pain & suffering…Sorry, I know this post is about art, but since you put the word Boniva in the heading I had to add the warning…Sally Field’s ads for that drug have sold a great number of this very dangerous drug, unfortunately…
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DSC03557Mighty Putty (from Canadian Tire) , you mash it together, then apply it…I stuck it to the sharp edges of copper strapping that were protruding…It’s ok, it completes the “Noble rot” theme…Sauterne wine is made from grapes that are left to rot on the vine…The resulting very sweet juice that is left over makes a wonderful wine…The grape is the Semillon grape from France…

http://www.amazon.com/Medicordz-Wrist-Cuff-Price-Pair/dp/B002KPJ35Q/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1361214687&sr=1-2-fkmr0&keywords=wrist+cuff+with+carabiner Medicordz wrist cuff…After all of my work to make a gripping hand prosthetic, I have started to think that a simple wrist cuff with a loop, that could attach to a carabiner (that opens & closes) could be an easy cheaper simpler device…Already on the market too…I mean if you just want to carry things like a grocery bag or a dog leash, you could hook a carabiner through the handle or loop, then attach that to the loop on the cuff…Sigh…Oh well…(This is for someone who is missing one hand, either born without or otherwise lost it…)

DSC03559You can also stick your Spare hand onto your fridge when it is not in use…Here it holds an empty grocery bag…

“Many of life’s failures are people who
did not realize how close they were
to success when they gave up.”
– Thomas Edison 

There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.
Henry Ford

spare hand project 1

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    1. Thank you…I realize now that I have too many different subjects in the same post…Nowadays, I am learning to separate my ideas into separate posts for clarity…Although sometimes I wonder if the complexity of variety keeps the bored mind interested? Anyways thanks for writing…feedback is a good thing, especially if it is positive…

  1. Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the knowledge you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
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    1. Hi Idaho! Glad you were bored! Always nice to have new positive energy in my life…Thank you for your compliments…I’m just an artist, recording some of the things that I do, my work, sometimes in hopes that where I have left off someone else will pick up…Wordpress.com apparently defaults to a nice tiny mobile size automatically, so that’s why it uploaded fine on your 3G…Neat eh? The Spare Hand project is something that could be picked up by other design or DIY types who are interested in prosthetics or perhaps even modifying the concepts for other uses…My current design uses neodymium magnets as a grab feature…Which is elegant & totally works, however magnets can mess with computers, so this would be something for someone who is in an area without computers-which is like almost nowhere…So it is a solid design, but our lifestyles are perhaps questionable…So it stops there for now…I may pick it up again later, so to speak, once my brain rests from the work to even get to there…Currently I am working with Blender 3d animation software…Head turner too! Bye, Sari p.s. Greetings from Toronto

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