Soldier(the raccoon sculpture), Spare hand(the prosthetic) & High Visibility Beanie Hat listing!

raccoon soldierApplying the moss is detail work…You can’t do it all at one time…You wear a respirator because you are working with glue…Glasses too…Gloves…A fan blows…You wet the sculpture with water…Soak your moss (dyed sponge) in water…Pour your glue in spots on the sculpture (now I am using Gorilla glue, having switched from my marine glue because it was too stinky)…Slowly apply bits of moss…Leave because the glue has to dry before you can do another side…Shake your head at the ridiculousness of it all…Realize you have now spent more time applying moss than maybe actually building the whole sculpture…Decide you are quitting being an artist…Change your mind when you realize you are too far down the path…Hope that it will all turn out better than you think…

 This is a prototype of the Spare Hand project: The idea was to create a simple, inexpensive, carry hand for someone who is missing a hand…Just a quick on off kind of thing, to walk the dog & hold the leash, or maybe a spare hand for groceries…This design totally works, except for the fact that magnets are dangerous to computers & so many people today use computers…So it is more for a 3rd world area than an urban area…or an Amish town…Or Luddite village…But it does work!

Thursday: raccoon soldierStill more applying of moss…Today on the underside…Yes, it was a boy raccoon…(that is a penis down there…)

beanie hat

Friday February 22nd, 2013 : More moss, more grass…Lord I am almost done…Let it dry another day, then the final teeny bit of moss & grass will go on the tail, I think…(photo taken with ipod touch…my camera wasn’t charged…)raccon 3 view

Friday afternoon:

raccoon 4 views

unknown soldier


Thinking of titling it :The Unknown Soldier”…

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