Big Art Book 2013: free to submit (but do it now, March 4th is the deadline…)

Here is what I submitted to the Big Art Book 2013…If you see this on or before March 4, 2013, send a submission in quick! You can do it online & it takes a minute! Totally free too! (I just did mine now)…

The Spare Hand by Sari Grove

“The Spare Hand Project”: The Spare Hand is a prosthetic hand for someone missing one, but only a quick pull on & pull off for simple tasks like holding a dog leash or carrying a bag…It is also designed to be inexpensive & relatively easy for anyone to make…The magnets can carry up to 20 lbs…There is room for 2 more magnets to double that strength…It opens & closes manually…

size: 11″ x 8″

materials: screws, bolts, copper strapping, tube, winter glove with

wrist tightener, Plasti-Dip

year: 2013

artist: Sari Grove

type: sculpture Oops, here’s the submission link…

3 thoughts on “Big Art Book 2013: free to submit (but do it now, March 4th is the deadline…)

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