Learning to Animate Blender 2.66a (free 3d animation software): Hair & making hair move too…(5)

Published on Mar 29, 2013
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTPKeu … This is the tutorial I followed to learn how to make hair & make it move too…Go there to see the screencast…Here are my own notes:
Add a sphereSmooth…Choose Particle System at far right menu…(In Object Mode)…Name the new thing (Hair is fine)…Choose ‘Hair’ from the Type: dropdown…Ok, go to Weight Paint (bottom left of screen)…Paint the part of the sphere you want hair on-like half…Back to the far right menu choose Object Data (the upside down triangle picture)…Find ‘Vortex Groups‘, in that box change the word ‘groups‘ to something like ‘hairy’…Then go to Particle system (far right menu the picture of four crosses or something…) Down the screen find ‘Vortex Groups‘…Click ‘Density‘ & choose from the menu your word you put in ‘hairy’…Ok, now on the far left bottom of your screen, go to Particle Mode…At the top left are things you can do to your hair like Comb, Cut, Smooth, Add Hair, Add length…Spend some time making the hair look nicer there…Now you can go back to Particle System at far right menu(the 4 crosses picture) & click the box that says ‘Hair Dynamics‘…This makes it all move & flow when you move your sphere around…Very cool…(Note: You can also add Material colour in Materials, as well as change the feel of the hair in Particle system by clicking Kink or Coarse in the Vertex groups there…) I am only one week old in Blender 2.66a, so this is all I can tell you…It seems to work for me, but I am sure there are many variations one can learn & play with…But this is pretty neat as a start!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarigrove/8600391775/ Happy Easter card from Sari & Joseph…

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