Toronto Airshow at the C.N.E.: learning to animate with Blender 2.66a(8)

The Snowbirds (The RCAF) is our precision flying team…They perform at the “Ex” once a year, end of summer…This is the pilot’s experience of doing loop-de-loops…

Notes: This animation was made using Blender 2.66a 3d animation software…The film comprises the results of my 3 big lessons in my first week of learning: 1)Rigging (putting bones into a shape so the shape can move, like its arms & legs) 2)making Hair & making it be able to move (in particle system enable hair dynamics…) 3)Deformation (being able to ‘deform’ parts of the object & return them back to the original shape, like when a mouth opens & closes or eyes blink, or the airplane’s body swells & shrinks)

These 3 lessons were for me the 3 big things…If you look at my Blender 2.66a Playlist, you will see each lesson I learned, a little snippet of an example & in the Description, the written version of how I got there…Of course, my writings & lessons come from watching other people’s tutorials & writing down the key steps as I watched with notes to myself as reminders…Credits for those videos I watched are linked in those lessons…

I rendered my 250 frame animation in Quicktime as MPEG4…Then I stuck it into SimpleMovie, copied & pasted it 5 times, so you could see the one loop better, by having it repeat…Exported that in AppleTV format…Stuck that into Garageband as a new Movie project…Added a voice track (mine), added 2instrumental tracks (just playing the instruments in Garageband while watching the sequence…)Then exported that in full quality to iTunes…Then put it here on Youtube, where I think I may add one of their music tracks just for extra interest…

Also: Blender is free software to make 3d animations…It is hard at first to learn, give yourself a week of frustration, then at the end of the week you will succeed at one big thing & you will have crossed the hump…Once you get over the hump, you will be fine…First week is hardest though, so don’t give up then…

The song is:
Paper Airplanes by Toby Madigan Pop 4:10 (note: I may add another movie clip to this sequence, so the song doesn’t cut out like it does, but instead finishes more properly…Maybe…) (I got the song from the Youtube audio selections, using their Video editor functions…)


Below is Loop-di-Loop a full length version of the song, with all the animations I did together in my first week of Blender!!!


Uploaded on Apr 1, 2013


I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
Sari Grove: This is the culmination of my first week learning Blender 3d animation software…It contains all my first week lessons & results…I decided to put them all together into one movie, mainly because the song I chose from the Youtube Video Editor was 4:10 long, & the first time I did this, the song cut off harshly…Since I wasn’t able to fade out the song using their video editor here, I instead added clips from my whole week (today is April 1st, 2013 so I started exactly one week ago from that) to end up being closer to the 4 minutes 10 seconds of the song…Silly I know…Anyways, it kinda works…What do you think? (keep in mind Blender is hard & I only know how to do really 3 big things, rigging, hair & deformation, so those are my tools so far…) Personally I think it is amazing tha I have come so far-but I am my own biggest fan! 🙂


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