Sari’s handwritten notes on the 6 essential steps to learning Blender 3d animation software: (version 2.66a)

So today I went to Grand & Toy (Canadian office supply company) & bought, a proper notebook,those sticky coloured flags to put on the edge of pages to label them, a set of good blue gel ink pens to make my notes with, some black ballpoint pens to write on the flags...Then I rewrote my best 6 lessons, so that the writing is more legible for myself or others, & to refresh each lesson in my mind...Here are those 6 lessons...They are, 1)how to save an animation file 2)Rigging bones into objects 3) Hair & Hair dynamics (making the hair move when the figure moves) 4)deformation of the shape using shape keys (like mouth talking or nose growing & shrinking), 5)Putting a custom image onto an object 6)Sculpting in Sculpt Mode

These 6 lessons will get you going…If you can do all of these things, you will have crossed the steepest part of the Blender 2.66a learning curve…After this, it is just a matter of watching more tutorials, reading, trying things out, & praying…

I recommend that for each step/page here, one finds tutorials either on or on Youtube…Make sure to use the word tutorial when searching as well as the version of Blender 2.66a, because other versions have some different buttons…(so you might get stuck)…

I also recommend you get office supplies too-so you can make great notes for yourself…You will need to refer back for a while…

Blender 3d animation software: 6 Steps…New (version 2.66a)

Note: I have also ordered the book Blender Master Class by Ben Simonds from Amazon (paperback)…In anticipation of that, I also downloaded the free GIMP software that he uses to create more detail in his models…Learning GIMP may be another thing that needs to get done…Gimp stands for Gnu Image Manipulation Software…It is free also…

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