The Grove Body Part Chart

The Grove Body Part Chart can also be seen & downloaded or printed at

Note: the Scribd embedded file is an updated revision…(by embedding I can add a new document when new information becomes available)…

Software used to make the Grove Body Part Chart includes: Blender 3d animation software(image creation), iMac Preview (for text),Doubletake (collages photos), Scribd(embedding documents) as well as Sari Grove’s Desktop Snow Leopard Mac…
Images were drawn by Sari Grove
Theory:Based on an idea by Sari Grove
Lunch & snacks:Joseph Grove
Impetus to move forward with this project:Bolakale Lukman (who, while asking questions about Blender, while Sari was trying to answer, she ended up watching video gaming tutorials in order to better inform Bolakale, which turned out to help her to understand 3d modeling in Blender better…So thank you Bolakale for asking!
Follow Recommendation on Twitter: Bolakale Lukman @Coolcalle recommended reading for young or new animators…(from Anthill Studio in Lagos, filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan…)

Teaching Notes: So you can obviously see that Blender 3d animation software can also be used to make/render really great images…(The Grove Body Part Chart-each image was created in Blender, then all were collaged together, using Doubletake software…Creating visuals is a great way to get to know Blender, without the huge rendering times…Animation uses up alot of power & time-why not get your feet wet in Blender by just trying to make some cool shapes first? Get to know Sculpt Mode & Edit Mode & materials colours…This is a painless & fun way to get going…3d animation is based on your drawing skills-so get that going!

Also:Quicktime has a screencast record feature…If you have a Mac & have Quicktime, then open it & choose Screencast record…When you click the red button a pop-up explains how it works…This is an easy way to record your voice over something on your screen-a tutorial…It will also record where you click with your mouse-the little arrow-so you can point at things…If you are learning something new & want to share & teach others, you can use Quicktime to record your keystrokes & voice…Not just useful for others, it is helpful for when you forget your own steps…Blender 3d animation has steps that you will forget the first 10 times you try it…So either make great written notes or make screencast recordings or both…Then share them-maybe you will start a school!!!

An example of how the Grove Body Part Chart might work (or not work): So, I’ve been doing 3d animation in Blender software…Drinking alot of Davidoff instant coffee…Now I’ve been feeling a little sick, having headaches…So, I thought I had a left over cold, which is a Hydrogen excess in the Liver…So I got some Dandelion capsules, dandelion tea, & Dandelion juice, to clean Hydrogen out of my liver & add Oxygen…Logical right? if I had the common cold…But I did not have the common cold…What I didn’t know was that this Davidoff instant coffee was so unbelievably strong that I was getting a huge dose of Copper…Now copper activates the spleen, as you can see in the Chart…But as copper spins through the Spleen, it also descends down to the Gallbladder, activating Magnesium…Now too much Magnesium causes jaw pain…Jaw Pain gives you a headache…Too much magnesium also causes lack of sleep…By taking the dandelion stuff, which is an Oxygen strong product line, I was depleting Hydrogen…By depleting Hydrogen, I was also depleting Sulphur (Sugar), which also depletes Phosphorus & subsequently Mercury…Now by depleting Mercury I was just making the Magnesium excess worse…So I was making my headaches worse…Mainly because I wrongly identified my headache as the common cold instead of magnesium excess…So what did I do? Well once I figured out I was screwing myself up even worse by my misplaced dandelion cure, I smartened up & poured myself some good Tequila with some cranberry juice(just for taste)…The Tequila is Hydrogen(alcohol), so by adding Hydrogen I was adding sulphur(sugar), which also added Phosphorus(think when sugar gets moldy it becomes Phosphorus), which also added mercury(mercury is like more rotten than sugar or moldy phosphorus)…So by adding Alcohol I was adding Mercury, which you can see in the Chart is the opposite to Magnesium in the Gallbladder…So my headache went away!

Below is the new companion piece to the Grove Body Part Chart-easier to read, just click the arrows to see the next page…11 organs in all with diseases of excess & the 2 elements that live as opposites in each body part…by GroveCanada (Sari & Joseph Grove) You can buy a Kindle Version of the Grove Body Part Chart here on Amazon for about $2.99 American or $3.00 Canadian…This can come in handy as an easy reference on your iPhone or iPod, just enlarge the chart with your fingers so you can read the appropriate body part information… Small PDF is a great way to shrink your PDF file…My Kindle Book was 70 megabytes, so online, I uploaded it to SmallPdf & it shrunk it to 35 megabytes…Kindle Direct Publishing only allows a book to be up to 50 megabytes, so this was crucial…Oh, smallpdf is also free & fast!

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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll
    be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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