Innova recall & cat headaches in bengal-land:Choosing a new dry cat food(plus an animation tip)!

DSC03638So Innova recalled both their regular dry food & their grain free dry food…This is significant in our bengal cat home…Innova has been the dry food of choice for both our intact lady bengal cats, for almost 8 years…Now they both get wet food, Purina One canned chicken entree urinary formula, as well as real barbequed chicken & tuna or other tidbits, but having a good dry food around keeps their stools normal…Too much wet food makes the stools runny…Sorry to be so graphic…

So we have to find a new dry food…Today, in my frustration, I put out 3 tablespoons of each of these dry foods, & labelled them…They are, in order from left to right:

1) Now! Grain free ( a best seller at Global Pet Foods, number one best seller I am told…)(This one makes B’Elanna a little nutty)…(most expensive one)

2)Merrick BG (now this is the number 2 choice of the Global Pet Food assistant manager(Kim)-it is still a small company, it doesn’t use duck like the Now! & it doesn’t have carrots, which our cats hate…It seems to be darker than the rest of the foods, & our cats eat it right away…)(this one makes Jadzia a little nutty)…

3)Wellness Core (the original version-I got this from Dorothy at Petsmart, who also said that cats love the Blue Buffalo finicky cat cat dry food-but I suspect that Blue Buffalo sells well because of their great advertising & marketing-last time I tried Blue Buffalo the food itself was a little cheap tasting-yes, I taste their food too-how else will you know what is in it? My dad taught me this-he was a doctor…), this is grain free as well & seems to get the very top rating from online reviews…They rate it as equal to the Innova Evo dry…(not sure if B’Elanna will eat this, though Jadzia did)…

4)Wellness Core Indoor Cat-well this I bought by mistake…Not seeing the word Indoor…Indoor apparently means that it has 20 per cent less fat…Now bengals love fat, high fat…They need alot of fat because they are high energy cats & can get skinny…They don’t like foods with low fat…But I put this out because I own a bag of this now & well you never know…(I got this from Pretty Kiji, a pet supply store in Hazelton Lanes- I like this store very much because it is close to me, it is near to the Whole Foods market there so I can grocery shop too, & the owners are very nice…Except their English is spotty which makes it difficult for me because I tend to have alot of questions about cat food ingredients…Also, because their English is spotty they don’t talk as much as I’d like, which is when I make mistakes like buying the wrong version of Wellness because I wasn’t told that it was the Indoor version I was buying…)(Neither have eaten this one yet…)

5)In desperation, Joseph sent me to Canadian Tire where they have Whiskas…I bought the small 2kg bag of Whiskas seafood flavour, because the original meaty flavour in the small bags was sold out, & I didn’t feel like buying yet another giant bag of cat food that wouldn’t work out…(both like Whiskas very much-I suspect it may make them sick-grains, genetically modified grains-eventually cause urinary kidney problems…)(Whiskas is dirt cheap so Joseph likes it)

I may also try once again HolisticBlend which is sold at the Living Seed health Centre…It is all organic…They like it…

Last, I may go back to just giving them mostly chicken…When the first pet food recalls started to happen several years ago we switched to just mainly chicken, cooked in a little water in the oven then chopped up tiny…After 3 years of this we got tired of always cooking, so we got lazy…We are still in lazy mode right now…

My venture into homemade dry food was a bit of a mess…Getting the food into teeny tiny little shapes proved to be the hardest part…I was making meatball sized dry food because it was easier to make bigger pieces faster…Then they would drag the meatball around the carpet, making our home look like a day care centre at the end of the day…Crumbs everywhere…Joseph abbreviated this experiment before I got really good at it…

In the Animation world, yes I am still learning 3d animation using Blender free software…(Tip of the day in Learning to animate using Blender free 3d animation software version 2.66a): 

Today I learned how to copy a keyframe…Wow that took a long time to figure out…The trick is to go into “Dope Sheet” mode, right click on the keyframe you want to copy to select it, then AHA a menu is there which includes COPY & PASTE key frames…So at that point you just copy, move the green animation cursor to the new location then press PASTE & tadah!…(The thing I didn’t know was that I needed to go into the DOPE SHEET mode to see all the menu choices…)

below is an intro clip from the Grove Body Part Chart animated movie I am working on…(See it on Youtube to read the WARNINGS…) (Mainly that is if you use marijuana recreationally & still think that it doesn’t cause disease if taken in excess this will upset you & possibly cause you to write an angry letter to me, which is why I wrote the warning so you don’t have to do that…Please…)

spring dark“Spring” is still “curing”…It’s a homemade marble sculpture on top of a copper pipe & copper coupling armature, wound around in chicken wire so the marble will grip…Sari’s marble is made of Aragonite sand (marble sand) with 3/4 inch alkaline resistant glass fibres & Circa 1850 marine grade powdered resin, water, & some mineral silicate paints added integrally…If you have questions about making your own marble or concrete, or how to make a no-weld strong armature, ask Sari… & she will answer as best she can…

Update on the Cats & their food: Well I was looking at the symptoms of salmonella in cats, because the Innova recall was about salmonella…Found out that it transmits well to humans & one symptom in a human is a chest rash…So I have had a chest rash…Which means that the Innova food did have salmonella in it, & also that my cats were affected…Cat symptoms are slight in salmonella, so my chest rash is really the best indicator I had to go on…Anyways, over cautious as I am, I already had switched them…They are now very happily on Merrick BG (before grain) dry cat food (chicken flavour), & we are starting them also on Merrick wet (canned) BG cat food too, also chicken flavour for now…B’Elanna says the canned Merrick is very delicious & is most happy with the switch…Jadzia is still feeling a little weird from the bad food previous, so she is not tucking in to the new food as much yet…But she is going to be ok…Thank goodness they mew incessantly & pee all over when they are sick or I wouldn’t know something was wrong! (Also: Though I was told Orijen is a great food(nutritionally), I was also told it is not necessarily that delicious…The Merrick is delicious…I tend to go for delicious because a happy cat is a happy cat!)(I didn’t go for the Now! food because I am not crazy about duck being a regular food in a cat food)…(Both Wellness Core foods didn’t appeal to our cats, so no…)

2 thoughts on “Innova recall & cat headaches in bengal-land:Choosing a new dry cat food(plus an animation tip)!

  1. Whats Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to contribute & aid different users like its aided me. Great job.

    1. the cats is fine i guess…the salmonella poisoning has run through their system no thanks to the purina urinary chicken entree which has caused diarrhea but has not really budged the true lump of coal that is humped up Jadzia’s bum with the salmonella…So anyways the copper I mean coffee I mean tea is working wonders for me & Joseph who are also in recovery too. B’Elanna is fine sort of I think mostly…the end!

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