Spring Clean Game

https://www.box.com/s/pzynraxrrsx1gtpabjda Click this link to go to Box.net where I have stored the App called Spring Clean! This is a Blender App that I made using the Blender 2.66a version of their Game Engine software…Their software is free to use, so this game is also…You can open the app from your desktop & start playing right away…

Background: Our bengal cats love gravity…The principle of gravity fascinates them…So one of their favorite things is to just push things off a ledge to watch them drop…This also gives them a sense of height distance when they are deciding whether to leap off a countertop or not, or just how…Recently, Jadzia (the other one is B’Elanna), systematically knocked off all the objects off of my nightstand one by one…A Book(Art & Physics), anti-perspirant stick, a parad mala ( a mercury silver beaded necklace), a piece of copper in a bracelet shape, another book (Blender Master Class), & some other nebulous items…It all landed on the carpet & to be honest, from my sleeping horizontal position, it did look a whole lot cleaner…As long as I did not get up, my view was better…Perhaps this is an inspiration for the game Spring Clean…Knock things off the table to make your area cleaner…

Instructions: W is forward, S is backwards, D is to the right, A is to the left, Space bar is Jump, Space bar plus any of W S D or A is a jump with direction…

Goal: Clean off all Tires from the ledge you are on…(“You” are the pink sphere…)  Time: see how long it takes you… Comment: Type your best time in the Comments section here! (Note: if your sphere falls of the first ledge you can jump back on, if your sphere falls off the second outer ledge, you may be able to jump it back but maybe not & you totally lose!)

Everyone who cleans off their table without losing their sphere to oblivion WINS…

Prizes: The prize is in the satisfaction of playing…really…It is fun!

Spring Clean (Grab)I “Grabbed” a Screen Capture of Spring Clean…This is what it looks like when it is open…(Your mouse won’t work while you play by the way-just click it off the screen somewhere to get your mouse move back! Drag screen at lower right corner to play full screen…Close game top left if you lose your sphere…

A heads up: I have updated the game 4 times now to make it better…When I do that, I upload a new version in Box.net but to the same link…Thursday April 25, 2013-is version 4…In case why you were wondering why it looks a little different when you open it from the screenpictures…That is why…(I kept losing my own game-too distressing, so I’ve been making it slowly easier…)

2 thoughts on “Spring Clean Game

  1. Ok so far, after about 4 minutes, I thought I was going to win but I lost my sphere!
    If you lose your sphere press ESC to close the game…You have to reopen the whole game to play agin-so don’t lose your sphere! Hint: The long you hold down your direction keys the faster the sphere moves! So just tap them!

  2. Ok I lost after 8 minutes of playing & only one tire left to clean off…Sigh…(This is after losing maybe 8 games in a row)…I guess I shouldn’t get over confident when I am close to winning! Patience is key here…Tap the keys don’t hold them down or your sphere speeds up too fast & it falls off into oblivion & you lose!

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