One thought on “Bowl of Kale: An animated series

  1. Workflow texture paint

    Open blender
    Edit mode
    Select cube
    Unwrap-smart uv unwrap
    Open second window
    Change to UV
    Name it, ok
    Change first screen to Texture Paint
    Open file, user preferences,add ons,paint-check box yes
    Open + Properties bar at right upper corner in texture paint
    Display,GSLS,Check solid textured
    Click Color
    Click Bump Map
    Click Textures at left the picture
    Choose your color image new
    Save all paint layers
    Go to Image in UV second screen
    Choose Pack as PNG
    Change image on UV screen to the other layer (repeat pack for Every layer please)
    Again pack as PNG
    All layers must be individually packed as PNG or you will lose your work!
    Save as
    Save your blend file for later
    Or go to shape keys,vertex groups, to rig poses
    Save all as PNG files
    Change resolution & compression settings to 100%
    Click Animation
    When rendered out
    Reopen Blender
    Open video editing screen
    Check end frame is correct to end frame of reel
    Change Bitrate to 10000 or not
    animation (click to render movie)
    Upload to Vimeo or YouTube or Flickr or WordPress pro account
    Share on Twitter
    Send twitter feed auto to Facebook business page
    Wait for compliments
    Sleep eat bathe

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