A glass, some water pouring, melting ice cubes…My learning efforts in Blender 3d animation are coming along…


So this whole picture was basically sculpted in the Blender 3d animation software…The glass, the ice cubes, the water flowing-this all can be done within this very very cool FREE software…But, well, it takes a while to learn how to do things…I am on to my 3rd notebook already of written notes & I started learning in late April, 2013…I am hoping that one day I will be able to move creatively into my own thing, without being derivative of other people’s work…For now, you should know, this is not my own creative…Though perhaps the girlier feel is me…

http://youtu.be/YgwKPP2ZEjI I followed this unbelievably good tutorial by Andrew Price on Youtube…To be honest, I didn’t exactly follow everything, it got a little complicated for me near the end, but I was able to achieve the above render, which has my own spin on it…

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