Think Dharma is wax…

feed:// Inspiration for this post comes from smARTistCareerBlog!

Think Dharma is wax…

That which holds all reality together…

Bees make wax…

The drones?

But the Queen helps to create the drones themselves!

Is that 10% creativity(making love with the male bees),

40% productivity(the male bees making wax candles for Dharma),

& 50%(honey is sweet & justifies the “steal” from the collectors, the flowers)

marketing on the part of the company called the Hive?

The Hive and Grove is a friend’s company in Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada… Hive and Grove

(via The Hive and Grove) was introduced as an app (application) to better read online writing… is an infographic service that works…An infographic teaches information in a visual way…


p.s. Magnesium can make you shorter

p.p.s. Survivor Guilt can make one homicidal…Nitrogen can help with making that more so… grovegrove nabble forum… Architecture!

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