So you have a video on Youtube & did the whole captioning thing but now want to download the movie with the captions too?

So you were clever enough to figure out Youtube’s new captioning thing, where you can type out the transcript of your audio directly into Youtube’s video editor

(it plays your video & you type the audio out as you hear it & it pauses everytime you type then later it syncs all that typing to the actual audio-plus you get a written transcript when you are done which is SO handy to have),

& it will then spit out a feed that types out that text on your video as it is being spoken…

Yes it is so cool…You can read the text as the audio plays…

But what if you want to upload that video somewhere else? The captions don’t travel…

How can you possibly get your video AND those terrific captions?

Well, after 2 days of trying to figure this out, I figured this out…Here it is…

Dear Reader,

I thought I’d tell you what I was able to do on my Mac…

I used 4K Video Downloader to download the video with the subtitles($10)…

Then I found a 10 dollar program called Submerge

Uploaded the movie file to Submerge, then Submerge renders(don’t forget to click “Render” to get the subtitles done) the subtitles into the movie as one piece…

Then you can export it as one whole piece in different sizes…

It also lets you change the subtitle font & position(Submerge)…

So for 20 dollars for both programs you get your movie into one file with the subtitles…

Just to recap-4K Video Downloader gets your movie file with the subtitle file attached to it…(Troubleshoot-if you DON’T select “embed subtitles with video if it can” in the preferences, it will download the subtitles as a SRT file separately…This is fine…Submerge allows you to upload SRT files separately too, if need be)…

Also…I know this sounds overly complicated, but in fact, this was pretty hard to accomplish…For 10 dollars for each program it is not bad…

I promise anyone who wants to try getting their own movie with the subtitles attached as one whole piece will appreciate this post…Remember though, this is for Mac users…(The 4K Video Downloader program might actually work all by itself on non-Mac computers…)

Sari Grovesari grove

p.s. my books are free to read on my website at
(DIY medicine)

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One thought on “So you have a video on Youtube & did the whole captioning thing but now want to download the movie with the captions too?

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