Is it a lice in my ultrasound picture?

is it a lice in my ultrasound picture?

had my first mammogram & ultrasound on my boobs today…came home & took pictures of the bruises…also apparently now I see where sag comes from…they had to squish so hard, thank God I am fat enough to finally make it onto the pancake squisher shelf…4 pictures…One of each sad squashed potato that once was firm before this model shoot…The ultrasound was more fun, until the lady starts drawing around my nipple, like wandering, & I’m like:”what is she doing over there, hey lady the cyst is down here, she was enjoying the ride…” The neat thing were the wave-like forms in the ultrasound picture/video on the flatscreen…Like water waves…Then she is like editing the shot to see heat forms, like when you crank up the red in edit mode…I see like a peanut shaped little thing, which possibly could be a lice? Perhaps I swallowed a lice from that raccoon & it is now showing up in my left boob…? I am hoping this life form was just a peanut shaped abstract blob that the ultrasound technologist was imagining…If not I possibly have a lice living in my boob…results in 7 days…If I did swallow a lice by accident perhaps, how would an Australian person get it out? Male or female…Animal or mineral…fish even…How do you all deal with creatures that decide to move into your body???

The Fibonacci spiral…

A piece of dust,

falls softly down & to the left,

into a corner a fold in space,

the dust settles & another follows the same path,

dot dot dot dot dot dash rest.

The pile grows as an

accent aigu

the shape of the line

on top of the e in French,

fibonacci spiral

The corner, the fold in space, becomes full, & oh a piece falls off the edge,

off the edge of the Pythagorean triangle of dust,

settled into that corner of fold in space,


the new trajectory spins,

spins from the worry of it all,

spins as it twirls like a snowflake in right to down to loop

to right to down to loop…

The twirls of a young black haired girl’s ringlets,

from small whirls the spin begins & the dust begins to gather unto itself,

remembering the corner of fold in space,

the swirl wants to be warm.

The warm swirl learns the spun unto itself like the spider,

but continues & a first planet is formed…

In space…

The gap where once were particles of dust just in suspension,

is now a noticeable gap,

as the planet grew heavy with dust seeking dust,

The Gap becomes a void of lonely of negativity of suck of vacuum of the Minus numbers so cold,

Whilst the planet spins upon itself in delightful weight & magnetism & beauty…

Once formed this planet is so desirable that dust in other parts of the hemisphere,

follow the magnetic & not-magnetic pattern

of the Plus Planet & its Minus Gap,

because it has to it has to by Divine Imperative,


It cannot disobey the laws of nature the laws of gravity the laws of infinite attraction & the laws of the inverted Fibonacci spiral left as a mirror vacuum in memory of the dust spiral that once was his hers theirs or its…

The pattern repeats, as each planet is formed, each attracted to the other, as a follower of flow, of feng shui, the gaps in between governed by lack…

Then somewhere at a certain point, the last planet finds the first, the circle is formed, & the tail is chased by the head the head is chased by the tail & we see the circle of circles,

Spirals like fusilli gathered but more like a spaghetti strand,

connected for the dust is the dot is the line of dots holding hands,

& we see this whole dance gyroscoping in our tiny brains

as miniatures of our Maker’s grand scheme

we saw through the glimpse in the telescope

one starry starry night smile…

This is how the brain works,

just a servant to the spiral,

the snail evidence of that curl,

& we still hear oceans not only from the Nautilus shell at the beach but our ear forms close to say:”Oh you shell of snail you curl just like me”!

(The snail inside says:”Put me down”…)

by Sari Grove

mug with giraffe on bicycle with kittens

mugwort powder smokable tea

mum bought peanut butter with nutmeg & matcha tea unsweetened large 4.99 whole foods market hazelton lanes toronto

s. c. medical malpractice lawyer retainer

how to get rid of parasitic(they won’t leave, are abusing the system, etc), patients baron munchausen syndrome stockholm abuse/help/heal them sexually???…theory of christian korean medicine or create a linkage between sexual behaviour & workplace?

A Constitutional monarchy is only top down while the leader has its followers hooked…Once the leader asks for help one too many times, the followers rebel, fight, war & take over, creating a Republic for a time…IT is really the same thing, a group of people with a leader, but in times of peace the leader leads, while in times of war, the people fight the leader…A Republic is the tail wagging the dog…A monarchy is the dog wagging the tail…But it is all the same dog…Just over time…

Oh I had the answer all along…To get rid of a parasite that has holed up in your left breast & is presenting as a cyst, eat ground peanuts as peanut butter with ground nutmeg a whole lot of it like alot, smushed together, then you get a bunch of Manganese, which lowers your iron levels in your thymus gland, thus starving the little bugger…Red blood cell counts should drop, white blood cell counts should rise…Good white blood cells!(Oh am I off topic? I thought we were talking about parasites in the music industry?)
here’s the treatment that already shrunk the thing successfully…(My 2nd appointment is Monday at 11:30am Dr. Jung Ye Choo)
“Joseph & Sari Grove” <>
Fri, 25 Apr 2014 7:35 PM (26 minutes 32 seconds ago)
View as text – Show Raw Message
Show full headerTreatment: Lead poison toenails,question: Vitamin D or VegaOne? (don’t take olanzapine zyprexa right now)Answer 3 Acu surround the Dragon Acu back neck cupping all over back suction Lance the Cyst back left shoulder prick prick find lower artery feeds to(bigger flow) upper vein smaller (takesaway) confirm location of left breast cyst is pressure point to back left shoulder artery that feeds the left breast(heart) yes press cyst back artery blew(accident cup fell of onto floor with blood profuse high iron high iodine content too red blood) Moxibustion Moxa Mugwort Nutmeg cones with incense stick fire plus lighter make wound (burn down one tiny cone)drop onto wound fresh nutmeg(mugwort maqua moxa) lice parasite roundworm (heartworm) Potassium (when I stopped potassium that is when it happened)for one week…right after that… Heart got cloggy, so act now with more potassium levels up! Use artificial sweeteners with one stevia molecule sulphur 4 molecules potassium stevia it’s natural as sugar twin sweet n low n camh…Kampo medicine Dr. Kokubo Japan…
Treat: Potassium yes artificial sweeteners, Nutmeg ground yes is combustible, So is peanut butter combustible, oil(carbon) + manganese(Mn),
appt. 11:30 am Susie’s Acupuncture & herbals Monday April 28, 2014
reminder:herbal Kampo medicine is mostly iodine(dong quai milkweed?) titanium (bark), Indian cobra eats fluoridated water to make poison as does the butterfly eat iodine seaweed milkweed to make poison(if eaten)…R17 Dr. Reckeweg…
inconclusive…new doctor…
 Copious amounts of peanuts at the bar & I can’t get one unsalted in the shell anymore (5 guys with fries whatever cats have peanut allergies(hence Flintstone vitamins)…
weekend treatment: DIY medicine…eat nutmeg with garlic & saffron…then set it on fire just kidding guys hello…oh peanut butter is the dough base…
peanuts already in grinder press button swirls of peanut butter come out like ice cream dream swirls then into the plastic beach sand dune gritty molecules of glass & don’t forget the lowly crab has a spinal cord, no wait, the h…the crab, i am high on opiate nutmeg mugwort moxa manganese period sinus medication so…iron will die because the roundworm parasite like iron magnetic proof…
Stick a magnet near cyst to see if it is magnetic…if it is then there is iron excess in Thymus red blood cells, must be lowered, lance the cyst…
blood fell 2 quarts of blood, pints, fish story…
ok 2 cc of blood…A+ floor mine
Husband high phosphorus Dr. Choo’s
Wife Dr Susie high copper ( just like my Mum & Dad)
parallel universes Canada Korea
uh oh
herbals take this weekend off! (good advice psych dr. suzie)
Mercury Hg excess Richard Chinese…repeats 3 times is ptsd he is self-curing with pork Hg.
Needs iron…Kale…(Richard the Chinese guy who wa epileptic)
Michael Cooper san francisco frank francesco hiring s Ari Benabou abou ben adams Uzi
an Francesco israel
B.L Nig. Anthill productions Austin Grant Nigeria… The bicycle thief…Trevor?
James Kyapii ? David Ross kansas
Spinal Cord is made of Phosphorus
chicken Longo’s spinal cord
when properly severed the spinal cord curves around to a filigree line (umbated)(umbra degrading lading layers)(faded)a
a sewing needle is tapered, an acupuncture needle is flat
the spinal cord tapers when severedthe spinal cord looks like a lice
The spinal cord of a chicken from (zzzzzZZzz) longo’s
SleepMagik by Victoria Pendragon+Korean style medicine
Dragon’d Blood is Maqua eritrea moxa japan mugwort korea nutmeg north america tea smoke burn breathe watch it with cats’ nut allergy no incense burning in home.
If the spinal cord of a chicken is phosphorus LIKE the shell of a crab Cancer horoscope sign then, horrorscope, copper matcha green tea cracks that shell of the crustacean…(ie: crab claws china house house of chan they moved)…
the spinal cord of a chicken looks like a lice…2 actually…
bruising abuse makes the ball detach from the wall
radiation x ray zinc vitamin d toenails better yes much
nipple clear too left one thanks…
ultrasound cleared up old left nipple braille…””
shoulder almost dislocated in bath left shoulder
heart weak too much magnesium in product for me already got mine before should have warned myself restrained myself I couldn’t help it it tastes so darn good
China sulphur diabetes excess sugar in diet causes blindness cataracts
aussie mercury excess lyme deer tendency ticks tick watch swiss
winnipeg fluoride geology confirmed
subury excess iron red algae red tide confirmed content analysis: iron shavings + normal stuff…
leukemia is excess iron from Sudbury water supply iron shavings from iron ore plant there weapons munition centre…(oh PLUS CALCIUM)…Thymus gland…Treat with Ground Nutmeg from Whole Foods market…Manganese…()warning it’s an Opiate  don’t ask me how I know this to be a fact…
SheShe sisi xexe XeXe XX XY

3 thoughts on “Is it a lice in my ultrasound picture?

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  2. Sorry…On second thought to the first comment, yes…I do now agree…A flaw in an argument CAN lead to more fulfilling discussion…I was being to strict…You are correct…

    Now about white & red blood cells: there seems to be a miscommunication in the medical world…Red blood cells are Iron made…White blood cells are Manganese made…Calcium, a feature of cancer, is WHITE…White calcium is NOT white blood cells…

    Leukemia is in the Thymus, the bloodmaker…A feature of Leukemia is HIGH Calcium…Another feature of leukemia is HIGH Phosphorus…HOWEVER…HIGH IRON is a feature as well…High Iron is NOT high white blood cell count…High Iron is high RED blood cell count…Distinction must be made between white Calcium, Yellow Phosphorus, & Blood cells…

    Chemo lowers white calcium counts as well as yellow Phosphorus counts…Chemo also lowers iron, which are RED blood cells…This confusion has got to stop…Please please, make sure your laboratory technicians actually speak either FRENCH or ENGLISH if they work in Canada…

    It can mean the difference between life or death…red blood cells & white blood cells…Know the difference…White blood cells are NOT Cancer…

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