Zen & the Art of Toilet Maintenance:(with apologies to Douglas Adams)

Toilet lessons:

Metal Bolts have now been replaced with plastic bolts to avoid the rust issue I am facing…(Newer toilets use plastic bolts & screws that won’t rust…DUH!)(reasons I am up at 4:22 am trying to figure out how to cut out rusty bolts that are too corroded to unscrew now…)

Boltcutters are my next try at cutting those darn bolts…pray they fit into the tight space between the toilet tank & the bowl…(I have a mini hacksaw, but my boltcutters would be so much faster!)

New toilets have an anti siphon thing which prevents toilet water from crawling back up your intake pipe if you turn all water off in the building…Old toilets without this anti siphon mechanism allow toilet gross water back up intake into your house water if water gets shut off in your building…Totally gross & reason to get a new toilet…

Mold from a leaky gasket in your toilet is hard to see cause it is in between the tank & the bowl, but definitely makes you sick…Drink coffee or tea or copper things to offset mold…Put coffee beans near mold if you are too tired to clean right away, because mold made you tired…(irony)

Edit:Tues jun 10 2014, the differential diagnosis between cancer & a benign is the benign has no parasite but the cancer does, so to get rid of the cancer you get rid of the parasite…

Hence veda tea & clove cigarette (Thomas A Hinds) gets rid of lung lymph area parasite since clove is a titanium detoxify element(from aluminum excess) on our grove body part chart.

Notes:MD couldn’t tell me fat to calcium to oxalate iron ratios, not even chemical composition…

Md other just told me location which I knew already…

I think fat on outside, iron next, then calcium…

But ultrasound Liponix could dissolve margin of external fat first, then biotherapy moxibustion dissolve iron, then iodine poke root dissolve calcium, then clove cigarette or oil or clove powder kill parasite…

4 parts surgery with team of FRCS.



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