Hair cut, 10Km walk with wings, Husband forgives me, Brother still loves me!

Today, while embarking on my 10 km walk, I heard my name:”Sari”…

My brother was in a vintage no-roof car, on the road, coincidentally,& saw me…

I said Hi & got in ’cause it was a nice car…

He said he was going for a haircut…I asked if I could get one too…

He said ok, so we went to the place & I got a haircut too!


Then I was so happy, I left & on my 10k walk I did a new thing…I flapped my arms the whole way like as if I was a swan…A trumpeter swan…

That made me have an extra way out upper body cardio pulmonary workout plus people thought it was cool & the walk was less boring & I sang pretty loud with the iPod nano & the playlist I bought & also I was supporting birds & just happiness & hippies & such & Nature…

Then I stopped by my husband’s bar to say hello & he was almost nice to me, which means alot because I have been a little difficult of late possibly due to my period but also because I have now gone from like 196 lbs to 173 lbs so I am not eating or drinking really…(23 lb loss yay! possibly my goal is about 150-155 lbs but that may be unrealistic)…

My brother was so nice & paid for my haircut & didn’t say anything about difficult subjects which is such a relief despite the fact that everybody has difficult things to talk about but isn’t it great when people don’t unburden themselves?

So the back of my haircut looks like a swan! (I’ve been cutting my own hair for a few years now but doing the back in the ducktail look is hard to do oneself!)…


Mugwort powder(Manganese for Thymus:lowering of Iron levels because a calcium Oxalate lump is Calcium plus IRON, so the Manganese Mugwort lowers iron thus softening the lump so it can be dissolved back into your system & digested & then excreted…)

Castor Oil-Carbon family(for Kidneys, lowers Nitrogen levels, lubricates the chassy)

Red Rose Tea(Copper for the Spleen lowers Phosphorus moldy cheese levels)

Figwort(an iodine for the adrenals with affinity for the lungs)

Aveda tea(cleans out lungs & makes you cough up phlegm & cement phlegm)

Organic Instant Coffee(from Noah’s Natural Foods-Mount Hagen-more Copper)

Diet Cokes(more Copper)

snuck some Homo milk( a no no)(but makes tea taste better)(Calcium is wrong but tastes so good)

Chewed some more Madagascar Periwinkle herb like 3 pinches

Review Notes:

Ok so the entire pack of Clove cigarettes got smoked & yes it cleared out my brain & lungs of any maybe leftover parasites(let’s hope) but WHOA it really screwed up my brain like total memory loss…So I am going to say that Clove cigarettes are very effective but very addictive & very dangerous…Use judiciously…(Thomas A Hinds on Yorkville the maroon colour ones)…

Thoughts:I am not sure what to eat anymore but it so hot outside THANK GOD that I am not really hungry at all, so I am just going to take advantage of this climactic blessing & try to dump some of this excess weight off from winter…

Photo on 2014-06-21 at 17.30

from Sari & Joseph Grove

> co-authors…edited by Justin Wood…
> full bibliographic where it can be ordered from…
> CreateSpace eStore:
> Project Summary
> Grove Body Part Chart:A medical arts innovation
> Authored by Sari Grove, Authored by Joseph Grove
> List Price: $44.48
> 5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
> Full Color on White paper
> 242 pages
> ISBN-13: 978-1490522708 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
> ISBN-10: 1490522700
> BISAC: Medical / General
> CreateSpace eStore:
> Project Summary
> Do It Yourself Medicine:A Repair Manual
> Authored by Sari Grove, Authored by Joseph Grove, Series edited by
> Justin Wood
> List Price: $29.08
> 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
> Full Color on White paper
> 154 pages
> ISBN-13: 978-1494392574 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
> ISBN-10: 1494392577
> BISAC: Medical / Education & Training
> CreateSpace eStore:
> Project Summary
> Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt Surgical Rotation App
> Authored by Sari Grove, Authored with Joseph Grove, Series edited by
> Justin Wood
> List Price: $33.28
> 7″ x 10″ (17.78 x 25.4 cm)
> Full Color on White paper
> 178 pages
> ISBN-13: 978-1495204302 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
> ISBN-10: 1495204308
> BISAC: Medical / Neurology
> price isbn
> Antoinette
> review
> Book review: “Sari, this is fascinating. And the structural, visual,
> theoretical framework around the balancing of the elements is elegant
> and beautiful. I’m awed at the amount of work and research involved. In
> all honesty, I don’t think I will ever absorb more than a fraction of
> the information, but I love the presentation of the whole as a vision, a
> scientific work of art, or an artistic, scientific exploration. I
> appreciate how your access point to so much of what you do is your
> curiosity, empathy, problem-solving, engagement …” Kirby Obsidian
> Dear Reader, Thank You for Reading! Sari
> Grove 18/11/13
> Book Trailer:
> “The award winning film based on the bestselling book…”
> credentials
> *see attached file pdf
> author page attachment
> Author Page:Sari Grove
> cv website link blogs

You can read them free as pdfs on our website at

On if you enter Sari Grove into search box,
all 3 books come up…This gives you tiny versions for free for an
iPhone or other small device, in several formats…

On if you type Sari Grove into search box, the
books come up in search results…There are paperback versions & Kindle
versions that are full size…The Kindle versions are $1.99 each…The
paperbacks vary in price…They can be cheaper on Amazon sometimes…The
links to the Createspace store are for people who prefer a more direct
shopping experience…It can be slightly more expensive there but the
artist also gets a higher royalty payment…(double actually)

Book 3 may get re-edited even now if I find anything truly awful in
it…I myself am waiting a final proof copy to look at one again…I do
sometimes upload new versions if there is something really wrong, or I
have new information…

Book 4 is being written right now…Book 3 was getting too long…So
Book 4 will resolve Book 3’s dilemmas… Here is the Link to Book 4 titled Grove Health Science Series:Book 4 …This is an early version & will change as it progresses…But yes you can buy an early version now!

I can’t get you a signed copy until I actually have the finished
products in my hands…For the moment I actually only have Book 1 in
paperback myself…

I’ve been spending so much money on medicines that I have had to wait
before ordering copies for myself or others…

My Mastercard statement is a little long right now…

Plus I need to replace both our toilets & somehow get our place cleaned
up a bit…

On the upside I have lost about 23 pounds so far…

Walking 10 km as often as I can…

Am feeling great…

Thank you for your support…

love Sari


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