Some resources, a recipe, a herb, & alternative thinking:about breast cancer(or is it?) Thermography is the new & better alternative to mammograms(no touching!!!)…(get a half body scan once a year for about $275) Here is one location where you can get a thermoscan done, plus acupuncture, herbs, tuina massage & more(Traditional Chinese medicine is so much more fun & relaxing than regular medicine)…

Chanca Piedra Piedra is available at Smith’s Pharmacy in Toronto…This rainforest herb is in the Selenium family(think garlic) so it lowers blood sugar levels tremendously…What this does to any stones or lumps in the body is it breaks them up into little pieces, because most stones have Sugar(sulphur) binding them together…

Anti-Cancer Anti-Parasite Anti-Viral recipe: Grate 2 or 3 organic garlic gloves onto some toasted organic white bread…Slice a habanero pepper in half & grate both halves onto the bread as well…Smother with spreadable canola oil butter…Eat…Daily…(warning:spicy spicy spicy) Gingko Health Shop at 50 Bloor st west carries 30 day Paraway Cleanse… (more about Paraway Cleanse)-Hulda Clark’s theory of cancer is that it is caused by parasites…This theory is well supported factually worldwide…Which means that if you want to fight Cancer you want to fight it with anti-parasitics…Start with the 30 day Paraway Cleanse, which contains the 3 crucial elements to a parasite cleanse-Wormwood, Black Walnut Hulls, & Cloves…


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