2 new tutorials:Getting rid of a breast cancer lump, & How the human machine works(& how to repair it)…by Sari Grove

So…I was looking at my books & realizing that maybe I could make some of that information inside more immediate…Also, possibly a little more step by step logical…I have been thinking of putting together an online course, but in the meantime I created 2 new tutorials on a site called Tildee…

  The first tutorial is a summary of the best steps I took myself to get rid of a breast cancer lump…I, in fact, wrote Book 3, Book 4, & Book 5, to track my progress in figuring this problem out…So the tutorial is the result of alot of research & time…It’s good, so I’ve been told…

The second tutorial introduces the reader to our Grove Body Part Chart way of thinking…It is the basis for all of our books in the Grove health Science series(read them all here for free http://www.grovecanada.ca)…Once you “get” the Chart, your whole view of disease & health will fall into place…It really is a great way of seeing things…

So without further adieu, here are those 2 new Tildee tutorials, free of course!

“Getting rid of a breast cancer lump…” Tutorial…


A new way to understand how the human machine works…(& thus be able to repair it when things go wrong!)Tutorial…

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