The herbals, the medicine, the tea…

Anti-Parasitic “herbal” Korean medicine Dr. Choo, Jung Ye

Black Lima Bean Al location Lungs Lymph Nodes breast (arm)pits

Almond Bark Mn Blood Thymus (type)


Celery salty Mercurial Hg fibres

Tomato warm dry taste O

Licorice Mushroom snake twig chew Io Adrenal Gland condition (“I want to check what condition my condition is in” Jeff Bridges )

5 ingredients plus 1

Now Unda 17 Sweden Smiths Pharmacy:

Has 2 extra ingredients;

Valerian root Phosphorus Cheese Shell Spinal cord looks like a lice shape half moon sickle P (calcium carbonate shell of a crab is an exoskeleton but I’d say more P Phosphorus flexible than CaC)

(not in Unda 17 anti-parasitic))Copper softens Phosphorus to make it bend btw

Silver (and Unda 17 has Silver Argentium Ag) antibiotic (antit an tit an-tit-biotic)

Sugar is our weakness(Sulphur China dog Stella blindness S cataracts blue foggy enlarged eyes Shi Tzu Chow Royalty Ming Dynasty)


the spinal cord looks like a lice













placement of magnets













Magnets have been placed:

At left breast lung lymph node on top of cyst,

with pink duck tape,

positive side polarity facing inward to breast,

to suck iron & attract beast…

Second round with hole 10-24 size threaded neodymium magnet 20 lbs strength K & J Magnetics Pa,

at top left shoulder blade backside of left lung breast in circle shape where needle marks are,

with magnet on top of VEIN (vein is at top, artery bigger is at bottom),

vein is small at top north, artery back left shoulder bleeds more bigger

Saffron (Oxygen) Saffron Queen – one whole huge pinch
Nutmeg (manganese) Whole Foods market – ground one nut(cheat & use kraft peanut butter for water hydrogen plus element in the Liver)
Garlic (Selenium) Loblaws -Kyolic 600 mg. x 2 pills crushed mortar pestle
shape into a cone (small), burn…(wherever) – add tiny cirle with hole in centre of foil or metal or washer or something…stick-on…burn…

K & J magnets under pink duck tape positive polarity down to skin

k&j magnets