R.E.D.D. & Lake Tahoe & Toluene as a toxin…

brain parts & sidesSo there was a toxin spill at Lake Tahoe & people got sick & many died & the toxin was called TOLUENE & one of the illnesses is called R.E.D.D. … REDD is an acronym… Anyways long story short here is my take on Toluene poisoning… Toluene’s chemical composition is CH3… One Carbon… Three Hydrogens… Excess Carbon in the Kidneys is in the Down’s Syndrome family of problems…Also Carbon Dioxide poisoning…You treat that with its opposite, Nitrogen… Nitrogens are found in vegetables, plant based things, salads, green grass you sit on, & especially in Beets…Bodybuilding supplement stores carry Beet powder called ARGININE…It is way alot of Nitrogen…That is good for excess Carbons…Or just eat alot of Beets…Or Beet juice… Now Hydrogen poisoning is in the family of hepatitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Alcoholism poisoning, Common Cold & Mononucleosis…They are all a wet drowning Liver…You treat those with Oxygen…Oxygen is OPPOSITE to Hydrogen in the Liver…I am using my Grove Body Part Chart(the one above also has brain parts so don’t get too confused…) Oxygen things are fresh mountain ski slope air, Goji berries, Dandelions, Milk thistle, Sundried tomatoes, the drug Colchicine is just like Saffron the thing you cook with but stronger… In fact Saffron in high doses is medicinal too…5 grams of regular Saffron can kill you as can taking too much of any Oxygen thing, think Cyanide when you think Oxygen… Cyanidins in grape skins & berries are also Oxygens by the way… So pick your remedy… That is what I think about Toluene poisoning… Ken Wilber speaks more on that subject…His website is http://www.KenWilber.com please note:If you are here but typed in GROVECANADA.CA into your browser it is because we are just tweaking the website & correcting glitches so it is being forwarded to sarigrove.com, here, while that is happening…Sorry for the delay…I have put this post up here because I realize my  new friends B. & D. & their poodle GIGI, won’t be able to read what I have written for them on the other new site this evening…Sari Grove

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