Memory is…

memory is…

Head brain, BodyParts Abdomen,Limbs Thorax…

Sari’s order of memory is first: starts with;

Motor cortex, Heart medulla, temporal Lobe, Eyes occipital, Parietal lobe lungs, Cerebellum, pituitary gland, nose spleen globus penis, Frontal lobe Thyroid toenails, neurons brain stem Pons, Broca’s area mouth lips cartilage…(Most interesting to least interesting in Sari’s mind)…

Normal order is the chart,  Top to bottom…The “OFFICIAL” chart, not the notes on the sides…see below-(the Notes on the side are in order of most famous organ to least famous organ in 2013)!

Ok the order of organs in the brain, I mean lobes, let’s call them lobes…Is the “Official” chart, but in reverse…Bottom to Top…

The Order in the Limbs is the reverse of Top to Bottom…Same as the Brain lobes…Bottom to Top

So the orders are…

Brain lobes reversed, BodyParts organs normal, Limbs reverse…

Next Section:

In reverse order;

Shark Method: cut it & wait (ie:let it bleed), nails

Magnetic to needle(zinc + lead) aspirate squeegee reverse, reversed squeegee in*start by pulling back*it’s a vacuum

Amyl Nitrate (poppers) Nitrogen Smelling Slats (Boxing First Aid Kits)

Blue Mountain Coffee-copper-ground,Bodum-

Jellyfish ____swollen lips____lip gloss Body Shop

lead problem zinc D3 drops anti-fungal

They say “Depression” I say “lethargic” Phosphorus” (Hydrogen), (Phosphorus), but are treating with Copper…So Lethargy…

Tomato lycopene lysine Oxygen treats Herpes …

No nerve, No passport, no bronze, 

$50.78 UsD Amazon book soon by Xmas

category medical research

metal out of head check

Phosphorus out of ankles

credits: girls, girls, boys…

Ash Bismuth Wolfram Indium are titrations of the “same” thing

Dust Bone Lead Lithium Skeleton are titrations of the same thing

Salt Sodium Chloride Silicone(Silicone Si Breasts include sodium + water hydrogen) Plastic Glass NaCl Hg Mercury Cartilage are Titrations of the same thing

Dirt Aluminum are titrations of the same thing

Mud iron are titrations of the same thing, measures

Zinc can burn a hole through skin

Manganese lowers red blood cell count (Leukemia is high white blood cell count-hungry!)


Coffee is an insecticide

Creosote Soot “suit”

Smashwords Createspace KDP

How to be less horny: 1)Milk Calcium 2)Cherries Oxygen 3)Beer Hydrogen 4)Fish Iodine (all together), the first1)in largest amount 4 parts Milk say to 3 parts Cherries to 2 parts Beer to one 1 part Fish…as a for example…

Ruffy Ghb (ruefee) Fluorine F (Colon)

Silk Cotton Calcium some Iodine Tampons Wood Nitrogen Salt Silicon

Diabetes Blockage feet Sugars Sulphur Eyes too Pancreas too Occipital Lobe…

Right foot blocked equals= kidney block

Left foot block equals=heart block

‘Do not make cuts in the skin’ because water enters liver unexpectedly causing it to drown, not a watertight boat when you cut into the skin- ie:surgery cutting-biotherapy(taking vitamins medicinally) is a form of surgery, as is acupuncture needles with hot electricity, as is smoking things to inhale medicine(inhalers puffers are inhalers)…

Brodie, Homeland, “Don’t pick at scabs”…tv set.

Lockjaw clicking jaw may appear when creasote is inhaled…But that does NOt mean it Causes lockjaw…That means you were Overfluoridated & could Not feel your jaw…The return to feeling is good…ie: lockjaw is better than no jaw…You may be on the way up to recovery…

Pimples can emerge from facials…They were under the skin, now they are coming out…That is good, road to recovery…(from diabetes sugars to clear skin lower blood sugar Sulphur)…

Cancer lumps rise to the skin surface as well like lumps…The further from internal organs the better…You are on the road to recovery…(Next step SLOUGH them off, Iodine brown sea kelp in water is good, Warfarin worked too)…

See for more charts…

Also, I may update this post when I can find those two that are missing from here…(The one with the top to bottom, inside to outside, plus the top to bottom with each DUTY of each organ…)They are in the book though on Amazon, but just submitted a new edition tonight so don’t buy until like it’s all approved & published again…Sari Grove)

Happy Hallowe’en belatedly!

chart nephrology.003-001 chart nephrology.002-001 chart nephrology.001-001 chart nephrology.004-001 chart nephrology.005-001

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